I remember when Nicki Minaj rapped talking about "I'm a republican voting for Mitt Romney you muthafuckas is fucking up the economy" I don't remember tumblr calling her "new black" but when Stacy Dash said that she was voting for Mitt Romney she was a new black, I don't know why people pick and choose who is a new black.

new black wasn’t a phrase then. Secondly, it was a lyric in a song. Doesn’t mean it was true. Meanwhile Stacy was on TV talking some craziness. You can vote however the hell you want to vote. This is a democratic society. Not a dictatorship. Vote for a candidate that holds your values and beliefs and wants to do what you want them to do. Just because you are black doesn’t mean you have to “join the bunch.” My mom has conservative beliefs, however in terms of government she is more democratic. 

Now as for new black it’s basically when you try to pretend as if the problems of the black community don’t exist anymore or it’s all in our head. Its when you say things like “I don’t want to be labeled African American because I don’t know my African roots. I just want to be American.” Knowing damn well a hand full of years ago you wouldn’t even bed consider a person, you were property, made in Africa, brought to America, Sold to immigrants aka “americans”, built America, enslaved in America, bore children in America, started families in America, had families ripped apart in America, was told you were not a citizen but property in America, and when that was challenged they said well you can exist but you still not equally with us REAL Americans. They will never see you as American. You will forever be “a nigga” So with Stacy it’s not that she is talking about being republican and all that jazz. It’s her forgetting that she has a great deal of melanin in her skin, it’s her demeaning and denouncing her culture, all to be in the political group that, if some had it their ways, she wouldn’t even be allowed in any politically arena because he’s black and she’s a woman. So that what is meant by new black. You don’t have to think with the masses but once you start denying your skin color or the simply fact that no matter how much success you obtain not just as a black person, but as any minority, you still will be considered less. Looked at like welfare depended, affirmative action success stories. That’s how I see this whole situation. Pharrell actual started the phrase so go watch that interview and see what people are talking about. 

I wish my professor would give us this test and quit playing

She up here talking about meditate. Nigga it’s 100 questions on this test. I meditate when it’s done ugh this what I hate about new professors

what we don't deserve is to see mama dee dressed like that she looks a mess!

Ok like listen. Queens don’t dress like the court jester. Why she got that on? Black wasn’t an option? Just ugh