I believe in second chances, once someone proves they are worthy of one.

Love and logic don't go together, it's easy for you to sit there and judge because you've never been through it but when it does, you'll find yourself doing ll kinds of stupid things. Look at Ciara, middle class upbringing, parents are still married, a student, athletic, smart but she ended up babymomma number 5. She knew better but he followed her heart instead of her brain, which is what happens when you're in love


Love and logic does go hand in hand if you listen. Ciara we all knew wasn’t going to make it long with future I wanted her too. Its possible to love somebody and still have sense. If you know somebody you love is cheating does that mean you gonna stay because you love him and over look it. ? Your choice. Ppl choose to be stupid in love and some choose. To be smart and in love.

You can only use that “love makes you do stupid things” The very first time. After you have been there and done that, don’t blame that on love, blame that on you wanting someone so bad you decided to ignore what your brain was telling you was wrong. I’ve been there, done that, couldn’t pay me to go back. Fool me once shame on you right? Fool me twice shame on me right? If you getting fooled after that you just hardheaded.

Side chick mentality .


They think everything they do is help.
If they give a man water.
“I was there for you when nobody was”
If they watch him play a sport
“I was supportive”
If they take 4 pictures with him
“Our relationship is the best even on the Storm and rain he is the bae I’m the wifey”

Beware lol.

They always have to try and validate it because he won’t. 


I hate it when ppl out of relationships say


But don’t mention they was the hell they took them through 🍵✌

They talk like they were perfect angels and he was the devil.

My life is so boring.


Lol girl same! All I really do is go to school and work (that’s all I really have time for), and on occasions I’ll hang with some friends, but that’s it. 

That’s me except I don’t have friends out here in San Diego. I’m just lonely and bored and there’s no movies out that I want to see. I need some gay friends.

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On and off relationships isn’t true love its true stupidity

Not even stupidity, it’s just pure confusion and annoying.

Exactly. I just can’t stand seeing ppl stay in a state of unsure ness and…

If you cut someone off, and they came back to you then it’s “true” but if you have to cut that same person off again then it wasn’t true when they came back. It was comfort. And that’s a game. Work through it or move on from it. Don’t spend time waiting for someone to keep coming back because you waiting and they not even thinking about you while they doing what they doing. That’s real life. That’s all a on again off again relationship is. People running back to the same person for comfort reasons, when they can’t find someone new to put up with they shit or they get bored. When you are in love with someone the last thing you want is to see them on the arm of someone else. 

My life is so boring.

Tinker Bell was the queen of pettiness.